Bespoke Cybersecurity Solutions​

Future proof your security posture. Stay ahead of emerging threats with our forward thinking, adaptive security solutions. We tailor custom solutions to meet your company’s unique security goals

Penetration Testing

Uncover vulnerabilities before attackers do with our rigorous application and network penetration testing services

Cybersecurity Consulting

Develop a robust security roadmap aligned with your business goals with our technical deep dive into the architecture/design of an application or environment.

Penetration Testing​

With Atropos testing, you can have peace of mind knowing that your application’s core functions are safeguarded against malicious exploits, making it a robust and resilient cornerstone of your digital presence. Don’t leave your business logic to chance; fortify your applications with our specialized penetration testing services and stay ahead in the game.

Application Security

Our unique approach to application penetration testing delves deep into the intricate details of your application’s logic, meticulously examining its functionality and underlying processes. By scrutinizing the business logic, we identify vulnerabilities that generic security tests may miss, ensuring that your application not only stands up to traditional attacks but is fortified against manipulation that an attacker with knowledge of the application could do.  

Our application services include:

– Web Application Penetration Testing

– API Penetration Testing

– Mobile Application Assessment

– Internet of Things (IoT)


Network Security

In an era of escalating cyber threats, securing your network infrastructure is paramount. Our Comprehensive Network Penetration Testing service delves deep into the vulnerabilities that could compromise the integrity of your entire network. Our seasoned team, equipped with cutting-edge tools and methodologies, conducts rigorous testing to simulate real-world attack scenarios. We meticulously examine your external-facing services, identifying security holes and potential exploits that adversaries might abuse to gain unauthorized access. From exploiting misconfigurations to testing the resilience of your security controls our external penetration testing services replicate the same methods used by real-world adversaries, and our reporting provides you with actionable insights to bolster your network defenses.


Our network security services include:

– External Penetration Testing

– Internal Penetration Testing


Review and discuss your security strategy or planning goals. Schedule a meeting to have a technical deep dive into an architecture/design review of an application or environment.

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